Water-Based and Oil-Based Paints

Photo By bialasiewicz on Envato The paints used for walls are water-based or oil-based. Each kind has advantages and disadvantages, regarding the effect you want to create in the places you are painting, the position of the room, the light that comes into it or is artificially used, the size, the furniture to be used, […]

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Plumbing Systems: Understanding the Pipes

Photo by @bceclect17 on Twenty20.com In remodeling and resurfacing processes, we intervene the bathtubs, sinks, vanities, tiles, caulk, etc. But thereĀ“s this part of the bathroom that should never be neglected, as its correct functioning determines whether or not we have to make a simple or a complex work to make the bathroom work as […]

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The Joy of Water

Photo by @pramestiwidya on Twenty20.com Even though not all cultures have had the custom of bathing frequently, the pleasure of water has been enjoyed by many of them throughout history. From thermal waters to massive pools, bathtubs or Jacuzzis, enjoying water has been a healthy, funny and very relaxing activity. Water is crucial for life, […]

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