Vanity Top Refinishing can benefit all homeowners, apartment complexes, Hotels, Motels, and property managers by saving them money and time over a costly replacement.

Is your Bathroom Vanity Top an eye-soar, damage, or discolored? We offer Vanity Tops Resurfacing, cultured marble, ceramic tiles, and bathroom laminates and can make them look beautiful and new again. We will repair chips or cracks and restore the surface to look and feel like new again. We can refinish vanity tops that are worn out, dull, hard to clean, or simply the wrong finish and color.

There is no reason to replace your expensive vanities, we can refinish and repair those deep scratches. Our Vanity Top Refinishing Services can restore the original shine and luster to your vanities at a small fraction of the cost of replacement. Vanity Resurfacing can remove scratches and gouges and we can restore the original surface to look great as a new vanity surface.

Extend the life of your Bathroom Vanity Tops, tile, and countertops for 15 years or more! Save up to 75% over the cost of replacement and the mess of remodeling! In just days, not weeks, update the appearance & color of your bath or kitchen! All work is guaranteed by trained and licensed professionals.

Advantage Of Vanity Top Refinishing
We have a dedicated team of professionals that can make the Vanity Top Refinishing projects feel seamless and can be done within a few hours.

We take extra measures to ensure that the project is completed properly and professionally. We also give you a lifetime warranty on the work we do.

Professional Vanity Top Refinishing
Our technicians have been serving the Houston metro area for over 20 years and we stand by our Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. We are a BBB certified company in Houston, Texas. We offer a Lifetime Warranty on the Resurfacing Vanity Tops projects we do. We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver the best and completely professional service in the industry. We do Commercial and Residential Refinishing

We can repair extensive damage to Vanity Tops
Select from a variety of colors
Vanity Tops can be used within 2-3 days
It will look better than new!
Lifetime Warranty on Resurfacing Projects

Whether you are a homeowner or a property manager, you will appreciate the lifetime warranty we offer on our Resurfacing projects. Our trained technicians are professionals and you can count on them to do the project properly.

What Makes Our Vanity Resurfacing Services Special?


​Bathtubs come in all materials, and age in different ways. We are experts in repairing worn surfaces on bathtubs and showers. Even if it’s been previously refinished, we can work with it.


​Give your shower a bright, new appearance by refinishing the stained and worn fiberglass shower pan. Yes, there is a bit of work involved, but it will be a beautiful new shower stall.


​Harsh chemicals, abrasives, and heat eventually take the finish off. We put the finish back on. Plain and simple, your hot tub or shower will look like new. We do residential and commercial work.


​Harsh chemicals, abrasives, and heat eventually take the finish off. We put the finish back on. Plain and simple, your Vanity Tops will look like new. We do Residential & Commercial Work.

Why Choose Us For Your Resurfacing Needs?

We are a BBB Certified Company in Houston, Texas.

We strive to provide the best quality service in the bathtub refinishing industry.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our workmanship.

We build lasting relationships with our customers.

We offer the very best customer service in our industry

We offer continuing education for our employees and customers alike.