Water-Based and Oil-Based Paints

Photo By bialasiewicz on Envato

The paints used for walls are water-based or oil-based. Each kind has advantages and disadvantages, regarding the effect you want to create in the places you are painting, the position of the room, the light that comes into it or is artificially used, the size, the furniture to be used, and the personality and taste of who is going to occupy it.

Water-based paints donĀ“t require a previous treatment, are easily washed with water, get dry fast, are resistant to cracking, can be used on practically any surface, have low levels of toxicity and have a stable tone over time. Their disadvantages are that they look duller than oil-based paints and can be affected by humidity.

On the other hand, oil-based paints look more shining, more vivid, and are more durable in general, plus allowing more interesting finishes, but also have disadvantages such as a strong smell, painting with them means a lot of mess and they are not easy to wash.

The important thing is having a clear objective and criterion to choose from. At the end of the day, colors affect our moods and can be a source of joy and comfort in our personal or commercial spaces.

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