The Joy of Water

Photo by @pramestiwidya on Twenty20.com

Even though not all cultures have had the custom of bathing frequently, the pleasure of water has been enjoyed by many of them throughout history. From thermal waters to massive pools, bathtubs or Jacuzzis, enjoying water has been a healthy, funny and very relaxing activity.

Water is crucial for life, as we all know. Its benefits for our health are logical, as our body needs to be hydrated to work well, and those benefits not only include the relief of thirst, but the relaxing sensation of its sound (streams and waves have a popularly known therapeutic effect), the healthy custom of bathing to take dirt away and the very complete exercise of swimming are things most of us love.

The joy of water at home is not necessarily expensive. As a matter of fact, it is always a great investment. Homes located by the sea or at a riverĀ“s shore, with swimming pools, lakes, ponds, jacuzzis or bathtubs, can always add some numbers to their value. The necessity or just the wish to be near water bodies or sources is really common, and aspirational.

At Surface Designers we have a great knowledge and sense of design to make water a part of your home, specifically in bathrooms or tubs in recreational areas, giving your home that extra appeal of having a special place, with the right devices, for you to enjoy water at its best.

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