A Countertop: The Charming Touch of a Great Kitchen

Photo By wollwerth on Envato

Sometimes we see décor magazines and the wish of having a kitchen like that appearing on them grows within. The colors, the textures, the conjunction of elements that make them look so well call your eye and then you go to your kitchen, which, though it is beautiful and functional, is not perceived by you like the ones on those magazines.

Remodeling a kitchen is always a good investment and, of course, a regarding project, if it is duly managed and you are being helped by professionals. It is not something you can do without prior knowledge, as it requires plenty of precise calculations and more work than one could initially imagine. It is not about putting furniture in place or painting but also dealing with plumbing, electric devices, and, frequently, even official permissions. But let´s go back to the photos in the magazines: A Good kitchen is usually big enough to cook comfortably, has a place to talk and share while preparing your meals, plus ítems like a bar and easy to use utilities (they are difficult when you keep them in other places or have to install them every time you want to use, for example, a blender). But there is a central place for a kitchen to be distributed at its best, and make it easy to use: A countertop.

The countertop can include an oven, a sink, etc, but the countertop itself, besides serving as a place to put pots, dishes, and cutlery, is the most striking part of the kitchen. Its color, its texture (whether it is made of marble, stone, granite, etc) and its position in the kitchen make the whole place look majestic, elegant, and extra-functional.

Your meals look better on a beautiful countertop, thus expressing the love and taste you cook with. Therefore, before starting a project to try to make your kitchen look like those of the magazines, talk to Surface Designers, a real expert.

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