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Project Description

Why You Should Refinish Your Showers and Bathtubs?

Most people usually refinish their shores and Tubs to change that old dull color. However, there are other reasons that Resurfacing can be an advantage. Some showers and fiberglass Tubs have chips, cracks, rust and weak spots that can be harmful to the quality of the bathtub or shower fixtures. The result is that the Tub or shower fixtures have become dull and very difficult to clean.

Throughout the years of use, all the cleaning solutions, hard water and soap scum running over the fixtures have worn away the original finish and become porous. All the stains have enveloped inside the pores of the fixtures. Most consumers will usually use abrasive cleaners and a lot of scrubbing to get the fixtures cleaned.doing this can only harm the fixtures and wear away the original finish. Replacing the fixtures can be expensive. The best solution is to have Surface Designers Remodeling Inc. refinish the fixtures at a cost effective price. You can save hundreds of dollars from replacement. We Can Repair and refinish the fixtures. The best result is that your Tub or shower will look like new, will last longer and clean much easier. We also offer a lifetime warrant on the work we do.