Your Tub: When to Refinish and When to Replace It

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For Surface Designers is very important that you know every detail about when to refinish and when to replace your bathroom, so we can help you make the best choice.

Tubs: chips, cracks, and stains that cannot be erased are the main sign of the necessity for a change or a repair. This decision takes some budget and thinking, but it is not something you should just do without considering certain details.

First: do you want to get a new tub? Is it worth the effort? Do you want to change something else in your bathroom?

Let’s see: if your tub is not severely cracked, just has some scratches, and looks discolored, a refinishing can be enough. It is a matter of applying a new coat and you can change the color if you like.

Another thing: the new tubs are usually very cheap and can be more easily (and cheaply) replaced. The old cast iron or steel tubes are better in terms of refinishing. As a matter of fact, they can be very valuable when they are old and you can make them look antique or vintage.

Another issue is the efforts necessary for a replacement. Is it worth disorganizing the spaces of your home in order to put a new tub inside and maybe even damaging something?

In the end, replacing is usually much more difficult and expensive. Anyhow, we can help you in your specific case, and decision.

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