You Have Questions Resurfacing… We Have Solutions!

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Q What exactly resurfacing?

Resurfacing is the process of using a new covering on countertops, tubs, showers, tile, cabinets, and even appliances. It’s an alternative to replacement that extends the life of the surface by numerous years.

Q How long does it take to resurface a countertop?

It usually takes 4 to six hours to resurface most products in your house. For bigger kitchen areas or several bathrooms, the procedure might take more than one day. Since our finishing takes 24 hours to treat, we usually suggest resurfacing one bathroom daily.

Q How long do I require to wait prior to I utilize my countertop?

We ask that you let the surface area dry for 24 hr prior to putting it back into usage.

Q How long does your resurfacing last?

With appropriate care, your resurfacing must last for lots of years. For more details, see our Care & Maintenance and Countertop Warranty pages.

Q Is there an odor? Is your covering hazardous?

Our resurfacing does have a strong odor; however, it is not hazardous and normally dissipates within a few hours. Our specialists always bring exhaust fans with them to task websites. Because of our finish’s odor, we usually resurface occupied units and property homes in the morning so that the odor has sufficient time to dissipate.

Q How do I prepare my counter tops for resurfacing?

We ask that you eliminate all products from your countertop (i.e., clocks, hanging plants, ornamental products, microwaves, coffee machines, etc), in addition to products on top of cabinets! Our professionals are trained not to touch any personal items and if your countertops are not clear, we will ask you to either remove your products or reschedule your work.

You ought to also detach any water or gas lines from your refrigerator and/or oven and move these products a minimum of 3 feet from your countertops. If your refrigerator and/or range can not be moved, we will not have the ability to resurface completion caps on your countertops.

Q Do I need to leave while you’re working?

While we bring exhaust fans and make certain to well-ventilate the area, our resurfacing can trouble people with a level of sensitivity to strong smells therefore we suggest you prevent the work location. We also recommend that you keep kids and family pets away throughout the task, not just for their security but to make sure the specialist’s undivided attention is on the job.

Q What exactly is your finish?

Epoxies, while incredibly durable, are not food and bath friendly. When Get A Grip initially began, our covering professionals took the chemical formula for epoxies and made it safe for updating and bringing back countertops and bathtubs. Over the last twenty years, we’ve improved the innovation.

Q What if I’m doing other redesigning projects in the house?

We ask that we’re the last supplier inside the house. This is to avoid any accidental damage from contractors or other renovating work and to keep dust from settling in the resurfacing while its remedies.

Q What if I unintentionally damage the countertop after resurfacing?

If part of your countertop is mistakenly harmed, we can do “area repair work” on just that area. This keeps you from requiring to replace the entire countertop, saving you money.