Tub Cuts For Seniors

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A tub cuts conversion offers a cost-effective safe bathing service.

Available Bathing is for Everyone

For seniors living in Houston, tub cuts are one the easiest methods to modify your tub into an available shower. Our company believe that all elders ought to be paid for the capability to remain in their houses for as long as possible. Surface Designers Tub cuts offer an economical and cost-effective alternative for seniors, permitting you to age with self-confidence in your own home.

One of the most significant barriers to seniors and individuals with disabilities is the restroom. Standard tubs can provide difficult and dangerous scenarios for people with restricted movement. You can keep your self-reliance and dignity with a tub eliminated.

Surface Designers Tub cuts allow you to transform your existing tub into a safe and accessible walk-in shower.
Transforming a Bathtub to a Walk-In Shower is Fast and Convenient

Our tub cut installers will cut out an area of your existing bathtub and set up a threshold allowing you to step through the bathtub wall. Setup involves cutting a section of the existing tub and fitting the resulting opening with a step-in shower conversion kit.

Cut your tub for senior citizens

Eliminate the danger of slipping and falling with a Surface Designer Tub Cut.
The decreased limit suggests that you will no longer have to step over the bathtub wall, getting rid of the threat of slipping and falling. We also offer extra bathing devices such as grab bars and seats to provide extra safety and security.

Tub cutting for seniors deals with many standard bathtubs. Surface Designers Tub Cut creates an entry opening of 24″ wide by 8.5″ deep and is ideal for tubs that are 14″ to 17″ high.
If you have a deep soaker tub, our tub cuts create an entry opening of 24″ large by 14″ deep.

Tub Cuts Provide Peace of Mind:

The conversion procedure does not impact the existing pipes or bathroom facilities.
– Short setup time. No hold-up in enjoying your bathing experience!
– Lower cost than walk-in shower setup
– Works on the majority of standard design bathtubs
– Bathing devices are readily available to update your experience.

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