The CQT Tiangle and Choosing The Rigth Builder

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“For every action, there is an opposite reaction.” So said Isaac Newton in his 3rd Law of Motion. Newton’s law is true for an apple falling from a tree or building log homes or timber homes. Consider three primary opposing forces at work when building a new home – Cost, Quality and Time. We call this the CQT Triangle. Understanding the opposing forces of the CQT Triangle is critical when selecting the right builder to build your log home or timber home.

The CQT Triangle has three opposing corners that tend to pull at each other – Cost, Quality and Time. Putting emphasis on one or two of the corners tends to have an opposing affect on the other corners.

For example, if your primary concern is meeting an aggressive timeline for your log home or timber home, then it’s more likely cost will increase. There is also the risk that quality will be compromised in order to meet an aggressive timeline. Conversely, if the builder has a more flexible building schedule, it may allow him the time to achieve a higher standard of quality and more opportunity to better control costs. If the quality of your log home or timber home is your primary consideration, the cost will be higher and the construction may take longer. However, if your priority is staying on a rigid budget, accepting a more modest quality standard may be required. For example, tile countertops might be perfectly acceptable as opposed to granite countertops and will save on costs. Or carpeting the bedrooms and limiting hardwood to the great room and kitchen areas might be an opportunity to save costs.

Understanding the relationship of Cost, Quality and Time is important in choosing the right builder for log homes & timber homes. The Due Diligence Report provided by Precision Craft will give you much needed information about prospective builders. It’s not uncommon for builders to have more strength in one or two of the CQT corners. For example, a builder that specializes in a high quality craftsmanship might have an “artwork” standard. But, there is a price to pay for “artwork” usually in time and/or cost. Aligning your priorities with the strength of the builder will help you achieve your objective.

The information in the Precision Craft Log Homes & Timber Homes Due Diligence Report combined with a clear understanding of your CQT priorities will help you make the right choice in selecting a builder. It is always best to talk with your Precision Craft Project Manager and the prospective builders about your expectation and priorities.