The 5 Trends in Kitchen Decoration for 2021

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2020 has been an unusual year for all of us, the year the world stood still, the year we lived in confinement at home. Precisely the fact of spending so much time at home has made the decoration trends for 2021 look for functionality and remove superfluous elements. We tend to unlock spaces and use textures and colors that connect us with nature. Next, we will show you the 5 trends in kitchen decoration in 2021.

1- Open and multifunctional kitchens.
It’s the buzzword this year, homestays tend towards versatility. Today’s kitchens have become spaces where in addition to cooking, we also usually eat, work, or rest. As has been the case for a couple of seasons, kitchens are being designed to allow spaces to be shared and offer more versatility and design flexibility. The trend is to create kitchens open to the living room to encourage interaction within the home and create a social environment.

2. Natural and soft colors.
The fusion of the kitchen and living room causes the kitchen furniture to blend in with the walls, avoiding strictures of shapes and colors. Therefore, we see a clear trend towards neutral and flat colors such as grays, although due to the tendency to bring the home closer to nature we will also see compositions in earth tones and greens that provide tranquility.

3. Natural textures.
This year the kitchens are the place where raw materials are mixed. We are increasingly looking for connections with nature. That is why we chose marble, stone, natural-looking wood such as walnut and oak, cement, granite … these materials help us create a cozy and quiet environment. They appear in high and low furniture and also on countertops.

4. Handmade and sustainable ornaments.
The need to connect with nature means that kitchen decorations have handcrafted details and organic aesthetic objects that bring us closer to the concept of sustainability.

5. Kitchen walls and fronts without tiles.
The tendency to forget tiles in kitchens continues as a result of the concept of fusion of kitchen and living room. Now, natural texture finishes such as marble, concrete, wood, or even vinyl murals decorate the walls and kitchen fronts.

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