Preparing for Remodeling your Kitchen

Photo by @julienajarry on Twenty20

Remodeling can be similar to moving. It can be stressful, have a lot of work and, if not properly prepared, be a real disaster. But in the end, it is not so difficult to prepare yourself and your home for the process. You will need boxes, bubble wrap, and paper, to store your kitchen ítems and protect those that can be broken. You also require tape for packing, bags, and markers to identify where each ítem is.

Once you have all of the above, take away everything you won´t need to be in the kitchen during the remodeling process (glasses, dishes, batteries, and the furniture you can storage somewhere else). Remember to wrap the breakable things very well and mark the boxes containing those with the word “FRAGILE”. Also, identify the ítems you don´t intend to use anymore. Maybe a garage sale or a giving away day is in order to get some cash or help someone who can give them good use.

Remodeling your kitchen does not mean that you will have to order food from restaurants throughout the process´ duration. You can have a temporary kitchen, so you will need utensils, dishes, glasses, your shaker, your coffee machine, etc, at hand. You will also need access to a sink to wash the things you use, or, if inevitable, buy disposable ones (which can be very environmentally unfriendly).

Remodeling a kitchen does not really take long. It usually takes half a month at the most, as countertops are commonly the most time-consuming ítems to make and install. But after this time, you will see the reward with happy eyes and a renewed wish to enjoy cooking, eating, and drinking at home.

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