How to Preserve Your Refinished Countertops

Photo by Cat Han On Unsplash License CC0

If you wish to keep your countertops looking flawless, follow these tips:

Use hot pads or trivets when placing a hot pan on the counter. Setting a hot pot straight on the counter might produce a heated area or burn an indention into the counters.

This applies to any laminate countertops, not simply refinished ones.

  • Use cutting boards to slice meat and veggies. Do not use the surface of your countertop as a cutting board.
  • Avoid abrasive cleaning products. You can clean most spots and spills with paper towels, meal soap, or anti-bacterial surface area wipes.
  • Clean spills as rapidly as possible. While your refinished countertops will be resistant to stains, it’s finest to prevent them as much as possible. This is specifically real after a few years because the clear coat on the counters will be thinner and more susceptible to penetration.
  • Do not scrub the counters when salt, rice, or other particles are on the surface. The grains can produce tiny scratches on the counters that might lead to damage later on.
  • Place a surface area protector near the range for spoons and spatulas. Not only will this protect your counters from heat, but it will also avoid them from getting scratched with frequent usage.

Repair damages before refinishing the countertops. We will do this as part of our countertop refinishing procedure. The repairs guarantee that the end result looks as smooth as possible, and it will reduce the threat of damage in the future.

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