How Long Can I Stay Inside a Hot Bathtub?

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There’s absolutely nothing far better than coming home after a long, difficult day at the office, as well as melting those anxieties away in your warm tub.

While jacuzzis offer a wide variety of health advantages, from easing tension completely to boosting joint discomfort, it’s crucial to know your limitations.

Since hot bathtubs are … well, hot, you require to take treatment and also prevent investing excessive time saturating. Allow’s have a look at the length of time you can remain inside your hot bathtub and what you need to consider before you soak.

General Timing for Hot Bathtub Use

As a rule of thumb, you need to only utilize your jacuzzi for between 15-45 mins, which time will depend on a selection of aspects that you’ll check out more concerning below. If you’ve simply purchased a jacuzzi, then start with much shorter sessions up until you discover a period that works for you.

Don’t fail to remember, you can always leap back in later in the day!

Secret Factors to Consider


Children under 12 must spend no more than 5 minutes at 104 degrees, yet they can saturate for approximately 15 mins at lower temperature levels. It’s recommended that youngsters avoid full-body immersion.

Older adults, as well as especially those with wellness conditions, may feel much more comfortable at reduced temperature levels or spending less time in a jacuzzi.


Pregnant adults need to never get in a hot tub that is more than 102 degrees, as well as even below this temperature level, they ought to restrict their soaks to 10 minutes. If you’ve obtained a clinical problem like high blood pressure, diabetic issues, heart problems, or blood circulation issues after that consult a doctor prior to making use of a jacuzzi. And also, you ought to likewise talk with your doctor before warm bathtub usage if you take anticoagulants or medications that make you sluggish.

Temperature level Preference

If you like a cooler saturation, after that you’ll have the ability to be in a hot tub evaluated at 98 degrees for longer due to the fact that it’s in line with your body temperature.

When you raise the temperature by also a couple of levels, the water temperature will certainly be higher than your core temperature level, implying you’re extra likely to really feel signs and symptoms of overheating.

If you’re a follower of a warm hot tub, then the perfect temperature is between 100-102 levels. Offering you’re a healthy and balanced adult, and also you have a container of water close by, you must be able to saturate at this temperature for up to 30 minutes.

However, if you like your jacuzzis hot after that provided that you’re healthy and balanced, comfortable, and also remain hydrated, make certain to reduce the time of the session to 15-20 minutes.


If you live in a cool climate, or it’s wintertime, make certain not to warm your water over 100 degrees and also only soak for up to 15 mins. While you’ll be tempted to turn the temperature up as well as stay saturating for longer, the cold outside temperature confuses your feeling of interior temperature level, so it’s simpler to get too hot in the cold.

To remain risk-free utilizing your jacuzzi in the winter season, use a hat to help you regulate your temperature level.

Jacuzzi Safety TipsBecause your body can’t sweat while you’re in the water, it’s very easy to overheat or dry out when you’re using a hot tub. Not only that but getting in and out of hot tubs can be dangerous for some people. Make sure you enjoy your hot tub safely by following these ideas.

  • Always utilize hot bathtub covers whenever your warm bathtub isn’t being used. This avoids debris from falling in the hot bathtub as well as stays clear of the threat of pets or people falling in.
  • Leave the bathtub at the first sign of dehydration. If you feel nauseous, dizzy, tired, get a migraine, or see your vision obscured, leave the jacuzzi instantly.
  • Utilize a swimming pool thermostat. This is one of the most precise ways of telling if your water is too warm, as your body may not be able to inform if the environment exterior is too cool.
    Have an emergency treatment package nearby. Ideally, keep one by your jacuzzi so you don’t have to hurry to discover it in an emergency.
  • Mount hot bathtub lights. Make certain you have actually lights set up around your hot tub and any steps to prevent trips and also drops if you like to soak in the evening.
  • Set up jacuzzi actions. Actions permit them to access the hot tub securely if you have restricted flexibility or soak with a person that does.
  • Keep moistened and stay clear of alcohol. Keep a container of water use, especially at greater temperature levels. Do not consume alcohol, since this will dehydrate you better.
  • Consume a healthy diet plan. This keeps your blood sugar level stable, as well as aids you, avoid the risk of damaging effects in your hot tub.
  • Spend on specialist jacuzzi installation. This sees to it that your jacuzzi is making use of the right source of power that’s properly waterproofed to stay clear of the threat of shock.

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