Bathtub Maintenance Tips

Photo by @fejmoc on Twenty20


It is always best to prevent than to cure. With a few easy-to-follow maintenance tips you will avoid rust in the bathtub:

-Clean the bathtub with suitable cleaning products. There are abrasive products that damage the surface, unprotect, and can cause a pitted bathtub.

-If your bathtub faucet is leaking, it’s time to put in a new faucet. Continuous dripping can yellow the surface of the bathtub.

-If the waters in the area where you live are hard, install an anti-scale filter. Many clogging problems and rusty bathtubs are caused by limescale.

-Unclog the tub tubing that is not draining well. A regular accumulation of water can also cause bad odors, the appearance of rust in the bathtub.

As always, good maintenance is the key to avoid all kinds of rust and perforations in our bathtub, although if it is too late, the time has come to change the bathtub for a shower or acquire a new bathtub with hydromassage to fully enjoy a warm daily bath. There is always a good solution to everything!

For more information about bathtub maintenance contact Surface Designers.