Acrylic Bath or Iron Bath?

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Choosing the perfect freestanding bathtub can be a daunting task, especially with so many shapes and sizes that we can find on the market. Choosing the correct shape and size will depend on the desired style, the available space, among other aspects. But deciding on the material that suits you best can be a bit more complicated. This time we tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of acrylic and iron. Why prefer an iron-free bathtub or an acrylic freestanding bathtub (Resicryl®), this is the question we will help you answer!

Iron bathtubs are, as their name indicates, very resistant, so they remain in good condition over time, they are very rigid and stable, which makes them an ideal option to incorporate a shower. They are very durable, which is why we classify them as: “a bathtub for life”, which is why most brands offer extensive guarantees

-Highly durable and very rigid.
-The conductivity is excellent keeping the water warmer for longer.
-The enamel finish helps the tub retain color longer and prevents fading.
-Resistant to damage from chemicals, cleaners, and abrasives.
-Iron is a very hygienic surface that minimizes the presence of germs and bacteria.
-The cast iron bathtub is smooth to the touch with flat, crisp, clean lines. Its white finish is very shiny.
-Stability is one of its main characteristics.

-The cast iron bathtub is heavier than the Resicryl® bathtub and may require a solid base to rest on.
– It can be scratched if heavy objects fall into it (for example the hand shower).
– Iron is cool to the touch, although these bathtubs retain heat longer after the water is hot.
– It can be slippery.

Acrylic bathtubs have been gaining significant space in the market and have progressed positively in terms of quality and durability, one of the reasons is their value compared to other materials such as cast iron. The main attraction of acrylic bathtubs is that they are warm and cozy to the touch, there are a wide variety of shapes and sizes available, and they tend to be more affordable. In addition, this material allows a perfect elaboration of finishes, obtaining sharp curves and very fine edges.

– Highly durable.
– Warm and cozy to the touch, making it more comfortable.
– Lightweight and easy to transport and install.
– More resistant shocks.
– Scratches can often be easily polished off.
– The surface is non-porous, so it does not harbor germs or bacteria.

– It can be sensitive to the appearance of stains due to the use of abrasives.
– Acrylic is less rigid than iron.
– Less conductive and therefore loses heat more quickly than iron.
– The finish is not as shiny as cast iron.

Both types of materials offer very competitive advantages. While a cast iron freestanding bathtub can last for generations providing delicious hot baths for the whole family, on the other hand, an acrylic bathtub can be much more affordable without losing quality and style. The decision will depend exclusively on the needs and possibilities of each client. Make sure you know all the materials our bathtubs are made of.

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