5 tips for Decorating the Bathtub

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If you want to have a bathtub with style, personality, original, and decorated, this article is of interest. We are going to see some simple ways to decorate the bathtub at home, that place where, if you have a little while, you can relax and disconnect from the world. In this article, we show you 5 tips to decorate the bathtub.

1. Clawfoot bathtubs, a touch of class

If you have a large and spacious bathroom, it is the ideal place for a clawfoot tub, with rounded and elongated shapes, a special and classic style but at the same time combinable with more modern styles. Luxury is available to those who have enough space in their main bathroom. Taking advantage of the fact that we have a bathroom with space and a Cleopatra-style bathtub, with legs and a special shape, we can put a stool or a small table next to the bathtub as a decoration and give it a practical use, for example, to place the gel, a soap dish, a washcloth and a small vase with an orchid.

2. Trays to decorate the bathroom

The bathtub trays are not only a decorative element where to put elements such as a nice bottle of salts, candles, and incense but they also have a practical use. They give us a little more space to put the things that we are using. Even if you want to take a relaxing bath, with music in the background and read your favorite book, you can support a lectern to do so. If you are interested, you can see what you need to make a tray for the bathtub.

3. A Zen atmosphere: white stones, bamboo

To give a spa-like atmosphere to your bathroom, it is not necessary to have a Jacuzzi or a hydromassage column, which would not be bad either, you can give it a zen touch with the decoration. Some white stones in an open wooden box, a vase with bamboo, a small towel like a roll, a plant; Unleash your imagination and create your own spa.

4. Play with small accessories and supplementary furniture

The decoration does not have to be ostentatious or feed on great luxuries, sometimes the simplest is the most successful. Use small accessories and some furniture to decorate your bathtub and give it a special touch: a soap dish to match the faucet, the towel rack, or the color of those different colored tiles that break the monotony. Any corner of your bathtub can be a perfect place to decorate and give it that special touch that you deserve.

5. Use curtains or screens to decorate

A simple curtain can give a special air to your bathroom, you can introduce contrasting colors or drawings. And if you also have children in the house and they have their own bathroom, you can get more fun and dynamic air.

On the other hand, if you have a screen you can choose one with a modern and original design or if the screen does not have a print you can use electrostatic vinyl to decorate them. They are easy to place and are very original.

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