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Why not replace my tub?

Although you may purchase a bathtub for $200 to $300, by the time it is installed several days to a week later, the final cost could be between $1,000 to $3,000. The new tub requires the demolition of the existing tub surround and its replacement, plus replacement of the plumbing and possibly the flooring, too.

How Do You Refinish A Tub?

Wash and prepare the surface, make necessary repairs, mask off the area, apply an epoxy primer and also an aliphatic acrylic urethane, and finally remove all masking paper.

How Long Does The Process Take To Refinish?

It normally takes 2 to 4 hours.

When Can I Use My Tub?

The tub may be used prior to the technician’s arrival and then 24 hours after completion.

What Is The Guarantee?

There is a 5 year guarantee against workmanship or product defects.

How Long Will It Last?

With proper care, the surface can last over 10 years.

How Do I Clean The Tub?

Basically, we recommend regular cleaning with a non-aerosol product that is approved on the label for fiberglass or acrylic finishes.