Refinishing Jacuzzi Tubs

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Project Description

Jacuzzi Tubs are great features to have in a home. However, many of the finishes can be outdated, discolored, cracked, rusted, or have lost their beauty over the years of use. Replacement can be an expensive undertaking because of the size of the jacuzzi tub, the plumbing and some are surrounded by expensive Tile, Granite or Marble.

Jacuzzi Tub Refinishing can certainly save you money compared to the cost of replacement. Refinishing can also be more efficient and be ready in one day compared to several weeks with replacement.

Granitech is our original method that will make virtually every fixture in the Bathroom or Kitchen look like new! Finishes can be matte or glossy and are available in any color. Granitech method restores worn or damaged fixtures and surfaces to their original luster in 3-4 hours without removal at a fraction of the replacement cost!