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Project Description

Preparing The Bathtub For Restoration

Bathtub refinishing can be quite a messy project. Most Bathtub Refinishing companies usually take adequate measures in order to clean off the dirt in the area and ensure that the refinishing process will not affect the rest of the home. Covering the bathroom with sheeting or plastic is essential and a requirement. It is also a requirement that our Refinishing expert technician’s conduct proper ventilation. There are certainly unwanted odors that need venting and expelled the odors outside.

Removing The Old Finish

Once the Bathtub has been prepared, the next crucial step in Bathtub Refinishing is to remove the old dull finish. The old finish should be stripped away prior to being sanded down. This will allow a smoother surface for the new bathtub finish.

Chip, Cracks & Rust Repairs

The new finish can last longer if the discoloration and imperfections of the Bathtubs are treated after the stripping and sanding steps. Undesirable flaws or defects such as rust, chip, cracks and weak spots can be harmful and damaging to the quality of the new beautiful finish. All the undesirable features of the Bathtub is completely renovated and repaired in order to produce the highest quality bathtub finish.

Application of Primer and New Surface Finish

The final step is the application of the Primer to the new surface and Top coating. . Although, there can be several techniques and methods that are used in application of the new surface. A primer is generally applied into the surface and then left for drying. Once the Primer is applied, several of the Bathtub Refinishing coatings will then be applied along with the right drying time in between layers. Finally, a sealing coat is applied to complete the process.