GranitechWhat is Granitech?

Feel good about refinishing! know our method called Granitech. Granitech is our original method that will make virtually every fixture in the Bathroom or Kitchen look like new! Finishes can be matte or glossy and are available in any color. Granitech method restores worn or damaged fixtures and surfaces to their original luster in 3-4 hours without removal at a fraction of the replacement cost!

What surfaces can Granitech method be used on?

Granitech can be used on cabinets, countertops, porcelain, appliances, and many other surfaces. Whether it is a business or a home, everyone wants to save time and money and with Granitech method, we can do it for you. Update an entire kitchen or even a hotel lobby for just a fraction of replacement costs. Even old wood cabinets or chipped countertops can be renewed with a beautiful modern finish.

This is why Granitech is the best option for your remodeling:

  • Easy to reproduce any color and granite texture
  • Long time lasting
  • Beautifully shining
  • Color remain the same for years
  • High quality Paint
  • High resistance to impacts and solvents.
  • Resurfacing of Countertops

Replacing stained, cut, or just plain old drab countertops can be both costly and time consuming. Countertops, in both professional buildings and homes alike, can be updated to look like new for just a fraction of the replacement costs. Stains, chips, and cracks are removed leaving any room looking ‘like-new’ without the ‘like-new’ pricetag!

So why not avoid expensive remodeling costs along with the mess and hassles? Don’t replace it Try Granitech method, let us do it for you!

Contact Surface Designers Remodeling Inc. If you need to refinishing your kitchen tiles, cabinets, walls and bathtub, showers and tile floors, we are the right company for you. We also offer Kitchen Remodeling and Bathroom Remodeling Services.